Monday, February 15, 2010

February 15th Music City Challenge and More.

Friday night I unloaded the truck and loaded up the things we were taking to Murphreesboro. Saturday bright and early (5am) we loaded the last few things, Face and Brownie and headed on down. With the pups, it took us about 5 hours with rest stops for Brownie and Face. The pups loved the truck ride and walks in strange new places. It took us some time to locate the race area though, and without Julie's help, we probably wouldn't have found it.

Once we arrived though, the two pups were frightened of the other dogs and all the strange people. So we sat apart from most of the crowd, taking in what we could, taking some pics, and having a decent time while comforting pups. Brownie, after a time, began enjoying himself. Face, though was still rather uncertain about it all.
It was rather cool (for Tennessee), the temperature dropping down to 34, and there was quite a wind blowing. The pups were
fine until the clouds covered the sun, then they started to get a little chilly, so we packed up around 12:25. There was only the 6 dog classes left to run by that time. Being in its first year the race was kind of small, but hopefully more folks will be out next year.
It was really interesting to see the rigs, each one was different, and it was good to see what was available and what other mushers had come up with.
The only downside of the trip was when there were a few folks gathered around after it had started to get cold, and Face I guess was still frightened and growled at someone. We really need to get the pups more socialized and get them used to being touched and handled by other people. Out where we live, there aren't a whole lot of people, but this was enough to tell me that we needed to do a lot more to ensure the pups are well-socialized, and be careful about how they are socialized.
Julie met us at the event, along with our company newsletter editor, Missy and her daughter. They met the pups, watched some of the races and took pics.

It took us five and a half hours to drive home, mostly because Face and Brownie decided that they didn't want to poop when they were walked, but in the back of the truck... sigh...ah well, such is living and traveling with puppies.
Sunday, I spent five hours driving in rebar and cleaning the dog yard. My efforts to ensure Samantha (the mouse) would not escape proved to be in vain when she got loose this morning... sigh. 60 rebar rods later and she still worms her way out of any slight opening in the fence. Guess it is more days on the cable run for her until I get the fence all lined with bricks.

Ace went with us to the Tractor Supply, where we met the owner of a Siberian Kennel in Georgetown. She is a very nice lady and had a beautiful girl with her who had won last year's open. She told me there was an event in Louisville next month, and two SHCA special events as well. Since I will be entering Princess in conformation classes in preparation to show, she suggested it would be a good idea to attend. I quite readily agreed with her, and will be making preparations to attend those shows.

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