Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 23rd Jim and Demon

Demon is finally coming to Jim to be petted. This has made Jim very happy. He's a great dog, and having two people he can trust makes me feel good.

Now that I'm over my excitement for finding some records of the boys' past, it has opened more questions than it has answered. There are large gaps in the pedigree, and I'm curious where those ends lead. I guess this is what some folks go through finding their ancestry, hoping that records are correct. For instance the Seppala line seems to have been solid up until the 70's, then that identification seems to have disappeared from their line. Were they still of Seppala breeding? Meaning were they still kept relatively true to the Seppala line? What kennels were involved in their pedigree since? Were they kennels or puppy mills? At least one leg of their pedigree was kept fairly true it seems, but what of the others? Out of 4 grandparents only one has traceable origins to Togo and some of Seppala's imports. What of the other 3? It will be cool to see if those gaps are filled in during the coming years.

I also find myself a little sheep-faced, as I thought Samantha would have had a more impressive pedigree than the boys. But there is even less information on her than them. She's beautiful, though, and I wouldn't trade or sell her for the world.

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