Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22nd Busy Weekends!

This was the first weekend I had free since we bought the new loft barn/shed. Consequently, we spent all day Saturday going through all the junk we have been storing in the living room in anticipation of getting more storage room. After that was cleaning what was left, vaccuuming the floor and steam vac the room. The house looks 100x better now without the clutter! Since everything we were storing went out in to the barn, I ended up cleaning that out Sunday and re-arranging all the dog training gear.

It was a nice balmy 50 degrees, and I took Samantha for a walk only to find several places where deer have been bedding down on our land. Samantha was overjoyed, and rolled in or marked every one of them she could find. Wonder if they will come back?

Moon is becoming a house-dog, and has claimed Valkrys' old bed. Since Freya picks on her if they are both in the yard together, we have had to separate them by bringing Moon in when Freya is out, and when we have to let Moon out, we bring Freya in. Moon is the leader of the puppy pack, and we think it is Freya trying to assert her dominance over Moon. She hasn't hurt the pup, but she sure creates a ruckus, as when Freya pins Moon, all the dogs howl and scream. It's so loud, I'm sure I could probably hear it in the next county!

Moon is a cutie, and I had her out Sunday morning on the long lead teaching her the command "Come". It didn't take her long to get the idea, and hopefully she will remember it when it is important. I did have to stop her from digging at the fence (thanks Samantha...) a couple of times, but I think she was more interested in digging for grass roots? Not sure what she finds appetizing about them...

I was even able to get James out to help scoop Sunday, a feat that is becoming more difficult as days go by. Wonder if I could trade him in for a student boarder who doesn't mind scooping in exchange for food and board? heh.

Somehow in all the fuss, I've lost track of the joiners for the gridwall we used in the store we used to own. I had hoped to use it as a rack for the mushing gear, but am at a loss as to where I put the joiners... sigh.

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