Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1st Chill Factor!

We finally got some snow Saturday, but the front moved south and away from us too quickly and all we ended up with was just over an inch. :( What a terrible year for snow. Good thing we have another two months to get some. Temps sure have been cold enough though. Saturday night it was -2 F, and this morning it was 6.

The puppies have finally learned to go outside, and we have finally been able to pick up the training pads. The only time they have problems is when they get out of the enclosure and run around the house. We keep a few pads down for those times in their favorite areas to sniff. If Samantha wouldn't keep trying to get out, we could take down the enclosure during the day, but alas, she still has wonderlust, even though we've been taking her for long walks 3-4x every day.

Due to a mixup between Jim and I we still don't have our kennel site up, but I'll be working on it this week. There I'll have a profile of every dog and every puppy, pics and highlights for each.

A reminder we have 9 puppies up for sale, some very loving and loveable pups with excellent personalities, some with show, all with sledding potential.

Today I'll talk about Ace. She's the red and white in the above pic and has very pretty crystal blue eyes. She is one of the pups up for sale, and I'm sure it will be tough when she goes to a new home. She is all energy, but loves to cuddle too. Ace is the one that loves to greet me at the door when I come home from work. She also loves to jump in my lap and lick my face when I spend time with the pups. She and Christmas spend a lot of time defending me from all comers as queen of the hill. Last night, she came in to my room and slept on the floor by my bed for an hour (she snuck out of the enclosure while James was sleeping).

She is usually out in the yard racing the big dogs, and man can she run! She's energetic in play, but calms down rather quickly when getting her lovin's. She can be a bit boisterous trying to get your attention, but once she has it, she cuddles up next to you or in your lap. Ace is very smart, but also a bit independant and is happy playing out in the yard for hours. She is equally happy having her belly rubbed for hours though, so an all around great dog for sledding or for an active owner who wants a friend as well. She is probably a little too active (might knock over toddlers in her enthusiasm) for very small children, but would be great with older kids and other dogs. I plan on taking Ace out to other places to socialize her with other people and other dogs. She has all her shots and wormings up to date with AKC papers and vet book.

Since our pups have not been raised around cats or other small animals, it would be best to be cautious introducing them to other animals and teaching the pups to live with them. All of our pups are cuddled and played with most of the day, and have been socialized with our other dogs.

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