Friday, February 12, 2010

February 12th Ace's day at the office

Today Ace came to work with me for some socialization and show off time. She was shy at first and scared, but warmed up after a time to greet people with tail wagging and husky smiles. To help socialize her, I asked my co-workers to give her treats and pet her which they were more than happy to do. She was quickly a star and got lots of compliments. All this excitement, though, tired her out and she was out cold by 10am when Jim came to collect her.

Getting prepared to head down to the Music City Dryland Challenge race tomorrow. Will probably just hang out and meet people, mostly because I ended up spending money on a new shed instead of a race-legal rig. The 6 dog drop did arrive, along with the new collars for demon and Yukon, but not in enough time to get in a lot of training. The bike I have is good for single dog training, but is probably unsafe for racing, so I'll have to skip this race, but I do want to watch at the very least, and possibly help out if needed.
The good news is that I have enough money saved up for a new bike at least for the next dryland race that happens to be close enough for me to get to.

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