Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8th What an Adventure!

Ran into this blizzard on my way down to NC Friday. What a doozy! As you can see it left snow and ice all over the highway. It was rough going and I was delayed in my arrival time by about an hour and a half. That would have put me in to Raleigh at rush hour and I certainly did not want to drive up highway 1 with a trailer during rush hour, so I went straight to the house. Spent a cold night in my cozy sub-zero sleeping bag and was warm as long as I kept the zip in liner on top of me. I'm a restless sleeper
though and ended up cold a couple of times after rolling over.

Saturday started out at 430am for me, and I got up in the cold, dressed, and drove down to the IHOP next to the U-Haul. Had a nice big breakfast with extra pancakes and lots of coffee to fuel me up for the day. Ended up having to wait an hour for the U-Haul to open up, picked up the trailer, and headed back to the house.

Jeff, my former neighbor pitched in a good deal in helping me load all the heavy stuff, and I was very greatful for his assistance. He and Lynn have been great neighbors, and I'll miss them. We got everything out of the shed, and the house, and the pavillion I had stored under the house. All this before 6pm! I met my brother and his wife at the Ale House, and we had dinner. After a salad, steak and mashed potatoes, we went to my brothers house where we visited for a time while watching the Eukenuba dog show on TV. I really love my brother's house, it is built to resemble a Swiss Chalet with log cabin flavor inside, and it is beautiful. My brother let me sleep in the guest/grandkid bedroom, and I was off on the road by 715am back to Kentucky. One of the sights I drove by was Pilot Mountain in NC.

It was a gorgeous drive with lots of great scenery, but after 10 hours, I was ready to sleep again.

Got back just after 5pm and as soon as I walked in the door all the puppies began howling for my attention. G'Kar kept barking and barking. Samantha kept whining and pawing me to make sure I was really there and the boys and Freya were so excited to see me. I spent some time with each of dogs, the pups, the boys and Freya .

Princess yowled and yowled until I held her, Freya, Christmas and Elvis laid on my boots, Silver, Face, Cat, Buck, Xena, Moon, Brownie, Ace and Flakes rotated sitting in my lap. The boys kept trying to push puppies out of the way to see me fairly unsuccessfully until I stood up and went to give them hugs. I missed all my puppies, young and old. I pulled out a few choice tidbits from the truck, my suitcase, and pillow before collapsing on the couch with a beer... ahhhh....
This morning was business as usual and back to work.

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