Friday, February 19, 2010

February 19th Elvis

Elvis is our biggest puppy and he knows it. He stands a good two inches taller at the shoulder than the nearest size pup. He is going to be a very big boy, but he is such a sweetheart with me. He loves sitting beside me with his front paws on my leg, leaning in to me and getting his belly rubbed and ears scratched. He's very loving towards people. Unfortunately though, he is starting to bully the other puppies for their treats, particularly Face who is also a big puppy. So it is time to get an enclosure set up for Elvis where he can be on his own when he and the other puppies are being fed treats.
Elvis came to visit today, Jim brought him and he was a bit shy at first, but also began to warm up to people as he realized they were good folks who wouldn't eat him. He played in the snow outside, chased a couple of leaves, got scared by the cat, ate some roast beef and slept a little. After just over an hour, Jim took him home to the comments of "Elvis has left the building".

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