Saturday, March 6, 2010

2 mile Bikejor Run

Took Freya out last night for a 2 mile run. It was her second run since whelping and finally weening, but she was rearing to go. She can fly! For such a small girl, she is amazingly fast and strong! She sprinted almost the whole way, keeping a tight tug and pulling. She almost forgot her training though, and started after a possum, but a quick "Leave it" and she halted herself, ran back on the road and took off like a shot again! She tried to race a bird, and if she had wings, she would have beaten it (and probably ate it). She had a great time, and got a snack of raw beef when she got back. Lots of praise and attention, a rub-down and a foot check, and she was ready to go out back and tell the boys what a great sled dog she is.

Freya is my team dynamo. I couldn't imagine racing without her. She is such a strong motivator and leader for the team. I love that little gal!

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