Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29th Grillin' in the Rain

Bought a new charcoal grill with a stone table attachment. It has a smoker barrel with a temp guage in it, and a cast iron grilling surface. Looks awesome and I couldn't wait to try it out, so even though it was raining yesterday, I fired up the grill. The dogs enjoyed bits of fat and gristle left from the steaks. Later on, I took Princess and Samantha out for a run and a little bit of obedience training. They are both getting pretty good at coming when called, although getting them to sit still for a couple of moments is a challenge. lol.

Been training all of the puppies to sit while we are eating. This in itself is a huge challenge as they feed off one-another's impatience, and when one puppy jumps up, they all tend to. But as of this morning, I was able to eat my breakfast puppy-free. :P After breakfast, I was getting ready for work when Samantha decided I wasn't laughing enough for her. She jumped up on the bed, and started poking at my armpits and side with her nose. This normally tickles my husband and my son and they laugh. It really doesn't tickle me, but does make me laugh at her antics. She is such a silly dog! She loves to hear laughter, and will sometimes do the darndest things to get you to laugh. Her favorite thing though, is to lay between Jim and I on the couch and get petted by both of us. You can just feel the love from her. She is so happy to be with us, and we are so happy to have gotten her.

I think back to the year gone by with this wonderful girl in our house. Truly we have been incredibly lucky to have found these dogs and rescued them from the situation they were in. Thank you Samantha, Yukon, Demon and Freya for a wonderous and loving year! May we have many more together!

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