Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 23rd Silver's Progress

Silver is such a pretty girl. She has made remarkable progress in the calm down for petting division! She will actually sit for attention now instead of jumping up then remembering to sit first! I can tell it is hard for her to contain her enthusiasm, but she has managed it admirably! She will even sit for a short time to be petted instead of racing between people trying to give everyone a facebath at once. She is still bubbling over with energy, but there is obviously some mental maturity going on in the last couple of weeks. With her emotional control, her intelligence is beginning to shine through, and she is picking up on commands extraordinarily well. She is definitely going to be one heck of a dog! I believe she will do great things.

We also received word from Mitu's owner. She has been through a lot of obedience training with her new owner and did her first 1 1/2 minute down/stay admirably well! She is getting to be quite a beautiful girl! Okay, she's gorgeous! Thanks for the pic Natalie, and it is great to see how happy she is! Just look at that huge smile!
I can only hope all of our puppies do as well!

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