Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25th Another One of "Those" Weeks.

Poor little Silver hurt herself Tuesday night around 8:30pm. She had somehow gotten out on the pool deck (gated off and fenced, so she must have squeezed through the slats somehow) and fell or jumped down hard, injuring her shoulder. (we had a dry pool in the backyard when we moved in and I've been removing it piecemeal) It was tender but she was putting weight on it. I checked her very carefully for anything broken, and though she winced a bit, there were no signs of serious injury. I opted to keep her under observation all night and take her in to the vet Wednesday morning instead of driving 2.5 hours to the emergency vet clinic (I've had first aid and cpr certification for humans, and have worked with animals enough to know how to recognize an injury requiring immediate as to interim attention, if I thought for a minute she had a broken bone, I would have made the journey). She was happy to be with me, but not happy being separated from the other puppies until Princess came in the room to spend the night. She then went to sleep happily and without too much obvious pain. At 8am I had her in to the vet, but they had a couple of surgeries, so they gave her a shot for the pain and kept her until they could x-ray her.
The x-rays showed only soft tissue damage, much to our relief (I wanted to be sure there were no hair-line fractures), and we picked her up and brought her home with a pain medication perscription. We've kept her in the house since and she has been getting frequent walks from both James and I (when I'm home). When I was done working in the yard yesterday, Silver climbed up next to me on the couch while we watched a movie. I helped her back down, took her out for a short walk, and she and Princess slept in my room again last night. Princess and Silver did great both nights potty-wise, and held it until they could get taken out. What good girls!
Silver seems to be happy only when Princess is with her, otherwise she howls to go outside with the other pups. Poor pup, for our 120mph girl this restricted exercise thing is pure torture. She got her pill at 5:30am this morning and by 6:00am, she has been rearing to go run in the yard. Though she liked being walked with Princess this morning, that was no running around like a mad puppy. Silver was not happy she could not sprint around the dog yard chasing and being chased by the other puppies. She was looking a lot better and much more perky this morning though, so she is on the road to recovery.

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