Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15th Goodbye my Velvet Elvis

Saturday poor Elvis was hit by a car and killed. He had gone to a new home, had been there for a few hours, they were walking him, something spooked him, he slipped his collar and ran in to traffic. It was a heartbreaking accident for both us and his new family.

Elvis was a good puppy, very loving. He would always beg to come in when I was home, pick up a chew toy and cuddle up next to me and play with his toy. Sometimes he would just lay across my lap, and lick my face while I pet him, content to just be there for extended periods of time. When I would go take my shower in the morning, he would sit outside the bathroom and howl until I came back out. I loved my little boy.

RIP Elvis, and may you have plenty of chew toys to play with wherever you are now.


  1. Had been with his new family for a few HOURS?!?!?!?!? OMG, what a tragedy! Horrible...

  2. It is for all of us, and I'm sure they feel as bad or worse.