Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2nd Long Weekend

Kyrie (Christmas) with her new family.

I was very pleased that Christmas (now named Kyrie) took to her new family so well! No hesitation, she was cuddling up to my sister and her family. She spent the first night with them, and seemed to do rather well. Though there was a bit of whining when she saw me again, she was happy to run and play with my niece.

We took Kyrie on a hike in Petit Jean National Forest, which helped her get accustomed to being around the whole family plus her being able to come to me for reassurance when needed. It also tired her out enough so that she was busy investigating new things instead of expending energy worrying. When she was tired, we took turns sitting with her in the truck so that she felt safe and able to snooze and everyone was able to see the sights. We stopped by the Car Museum, hiked around the falls, and stopped at an overlook. On the way back, we stopped at a roadside park by a lake. It was all around georgeous scenery, and enjoyable. When we returned to the hotel, my parents rested up and then we went out to dinner in downtown Little Rock. My sister's husband wasn't feeling well, so he opted to stay in the room with the puppy. We ate at the pizza parlor, and returned.

My sister and her family were delighted with Kyrie, her intelligence, beauty and friendliness.

Everywhere we went, Kyrie was the center of attention, such a pretty little girl!

Sunday I was up at 5am, packed and ready to leave by 5:30. My sister had been woken up by Kyrie to go potty, what a good puppy! So I got to see my sister and her one last time before the drive home. I gave both a farewell hug and got on the road home.

I arrived home around 3pm local time, unpacked, socialized with the puppies and dogs for quite some time before all were satisfied I had returned. I took a nap and was up for a bit before going back to bed.

Monday was cleanup day. Spent a few hours cleaning the dog yard and planning how to expand the kennel. Took Yukon for a training run and he did fantastic! He was so eager to run, he paced at top speed for close to a quarter mile! The rest of the 2mile run was at a fast lope, no trotting! It was quite exhillerating and a great way to round up my time off! After a shower, my husband and I went to the Tractor Supply for some collars for the pups, another long leash so I can start showing him how to train Moon, a new bucket and scooper (I broke the old bucket, and the old scooper was just too much wrist action that my fingers were going numb using it).

All my puppies had to say hello again, it was as if I had been gone for a couple days all over, hehe. I had to log in to work and do a few things though. After, we sat and watched a couple movies, ate dinner, and it was bedtime for me again.

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