Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 10th A Walk with Princess

Princess and I went for a walk this morning. Well, more like a run/jog. She loves to run! We went down to the bridge and back, she running the whole way, usually in circles around me who jogged most of the way. What a happy playful girl! Every once in a while I'd stop and issue the command "Come!" to help teach her to come when called. It is part of the obedience training she will need for the show ring, but it soon became a game. When would I stop? What would happen if she ignored me?

Well, she did learn that she got lots of love and attention when she did come, and slowly was reeled in when she ignored me. She learned pretty quick that she preferred to come immediately and get loved on. She loves her cuddles and attention! But like any child, she pushes her limits and tests the rules.

She had such a great time, she howled and struggled when I tried to get her back in the house. Once inside, she howled, whined and scratched at the door for a good ten minutes, running from me to the door and back. Ah I wish I didn't have to work and could run around outside with her all day! But bills have to be paid, so off I left my sad little Princess with a promise to work with her tonight when I got home. Hopefully it won't be too late, and it won't be raining. Even so, we have some obedience we can do in the house, it just isn't as fun for my little Princess.

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