Friday, March 19, 2010

March 19th Spending Time with the Pups

As it turns out, we will be hanging on to Silver a bit longer to help ease her into her new home. So, I have been making the most of it and spending some extra time with her, Flakes, Face and Cat. Each one of them are special to me in their own way. Silver's energy and enthusiasm always makes me smile. She is still our 120mph girl, though she has been learning to sit and wiggle to be petted rather than jumping. She and Face always hang out together and play with each other. They are best buddies, and it makes me sad to break them up, but it is necessary. Silver has a funny thing she does when she first gets in the house, she runs flat out to Jim's room and jumps on his bed to lick his face. She loves Jim a lot! If his door is closed or he isn't in bed, she will come flying out, run around the couch, jump on the couch, and put her front paws on the back of the couch to see what is going on and to get pettings. She loves the rocking loveseat.

Cat is a big boy and knows it. He will saunter up, and flop down in my lap no matter if there are other puppies there or not. He doesn't fight them, just simply pushes them out of the way. I don't think I've ever heard him growl, even when playing or eating. He just knows he's large and in charge. He's very gentle when taking his vitamin treat, and I've never had a problem with him nipping my fingers when other puppies are trying to take it. True to his calm and collected self, he just puts his nose in their way and gently puts his mouth around the treat so they can't get it and waits until it is released to him. Cat is one of the pups that completely refuses to go potty inside regardless if there are training pads out. He is such a good boy! He will whine at the enclosure gate when he needs to do his business. Cat is such a cuddle bug! When he wants a cuddle, he doesn't fuss, he simply walks up to me, interposes himself between me and any other puppies, and flops down in my lap, rolls on his belly and gives me that look that says please? He, Face and Princess are the smart ones. When the mob comes in, and we need to put them back out, we open the gate and toss some milkbone treats into the enclosure. All but those three will run out and scoop up a treat, but Cat, Face and Princess will hide behind the couch until we close the gate. They will then come and sit by the treat box for theirs. Clever little fuzzy kids!

Face too is a sweetheart and a cuddle bug. He will sit in my lap for hours and watch TV with me. He has the cutest smile, ear to ear with dimples when he is happy. The only time I see him get worked up is when he is playing with Silver, then those two are whirlwinds, chasing each other around the house. I love cuddling with Face as his fur is rabbit soft and very pleasing to pet. Face loves the attention and eats it up. Face very rarely jumps up, even when he is outside, and sometimes misses out on the treats because of it. But he knows it is ok because he sometimes gets extra special attention. Face is also a very handsome boy. His markings are the most striking after Princess, and I had hoped he would go to someone who would show him, but it looks like he might outgrow the breed standard. Ah well. It seems all of my puppies except Princess, Mitu, Kirby and Buck will outgrow the standard. 9 out of 13 big puppies. I swear I am not feeding them growth formula!

Flakes gets put on a plane tomorrow morning. We (my husband and I) are anxious about him flying, but it is the best and fastest way to get him to his new home. I will miss him too, so have had him in the house with us almost every evening. He's a chunky boy, weighing in at 38.7 lbs already, but is also very fond of his cuddles. He's a bit more vocal about getting his way, however, and will tussle his way through other puppies on occasion. We have been very careful to curb any aggressive tendancies, so he sometimes gets a squirt in the face for his trouble. Of all the puppies, he seems to be the most 'macho', and struts his stuff as a male. He is very loving though, so mostly tries to please us for his cuddles. He will be joining Christmas (now named Kyree) at my sister's farm in Texas. She and her family adore Kyree, and have relayed to me this little story about how smart she is:

When they returned to Texas with Kyree, they stopped at our parents' house to drop them off. Our dad has a wood panel fence in the back yard and the gate has a latch. It was beginning to rain lightly, and in order to unload more quickly, the put little Kyree in the back yard and closed the gate. Poor little girl was afraid of being left alone and started to cry. My nephew went to comfort her, called out to her, but before he could reach the gate, out came Kyree, happy as a lark to have someone to play with. They thought perhaps they hadn't latched the gate properly, so put her back in there and closed the gate, ensuring the latch was set. No sooner did they turn around to resume unloading than out popped little Kyree once more. She had very quickly assessed the latch, how it worked and figured out how to undo it. What a clever little girl!

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