Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 16th Puppy Therapy

It was very hard to come back to the blog after Saturday. But the dogs and puppies all banded together to cheer me up. I have had a puppy by me almost every minute while I've been home, and it has helped soothe my spirit.

Samantha has been sticking to me like glue, never more than a hand's breadth away. She pokes me with her nose to tickle me and cheer me up, then tries to snuggle-hug me by jumping up behind me on the couch, laying her head on my neck and putting her paws on my shoulders. She then rubs her head up and down my neck as if she is either rolling in my scent, or giving me a massage.... I'm not sure, but it is a very silly thing she does, it tickles, and makes me laugh. She is so silly, I can't stay depressed for long.

When she senses my mood has changed, she'll put her face in my lap, hunch up her back, and howl-growl for me to play with her as she dances her front paws around. It is the weirdest and funniest thing I have ever seen a dog do, and I can't help but laughingly play with her, touching her paws, as she howl-growls, moves them and pushes me with her shoulders while she is upside-down in my lap. (Tough to stay upright with a 40lb husky thinking she's a lapdog).

Face cuddles up to me, content, like Elvis, just to be by me and to be petted, and Princess pounces on him because I'm HER person. They play-fight for the right to be by my side then finally settle on one on each side.

I try to divide my time between all the puppies, give each one as much attention as possible, then it's outside to work on the yard. Been rainy which means wet and muddy the last few days. Makes scooping the yard miserable smelly work, but necessary. It also is good for letting my mind wander and my spirit to recover from the weekend's terrible blow. I watch the puppies chase eachother around the yard, racing from the barn to the deck and back. Moon leads the pack on a merry chase until she gets them all worked up, then she pounces on the closest in play. The chase becomes a happy, growly, yipping mass of fur as they roll around in one big ball of puppies. The big dogs want to play too, and Demon chases Freya. Yukon tries to get both of them to chase him, and the game is on. The big dogs run around the outside of the fence, and the puppies try to keep up, but Yukon flies like the wind leaving them all behind with a huge husky smile. He passes me with a twinkle in his eyes, stops for a moment to play stance, and I indulge him by stomping towards and giving a little chase.

Delighted he jumps back and takes off with an even bigger grin. He's such a beautiful runner! I can't wait until we can enter some races together!

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