Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 11th

Small update. Got a couple of used mountain bikes to fix up and use for running the dogs. Been too hot to hook them up the past week and a half, but the dogs have been enjoying playing in the yard, going for walks and playing chase me with us slow ungainly two-legged creatures.

Got Samantha out in harness for some commands training. I hooked up a horse lead to her harness, and a leash to her collar and had her pull me at a jog. She still is a bit hesitant about "gee" and "Haw", so it was good training for both of us. We worked mainly with "gee" and "Leave it". She was very good about "leave it", but was a bit confused when I asked her to turn mid-field with "gee". So I tried to use the command in non-obvious places to giver her more of a sense of the direction of "right turn" rather than "follow that trail". It was fairly warm, so we only worked close to five minutes before I was drenched in sweat and Samantha was panting heavily, so we went back in to the yard so she could cool off in the kiddie pool.

She spent the rest of the evening tight up by my side with a large grin on her face. When I went to eat my dinner, of course the rest of the pups thought they would crowd me for some food. I said "No!" and "Back!" and was shocked to watch Samantha put herself bodily in front of each dog and back them off before laying down with a happy grin between them and I, and her paw on my foot. She has impressed me no end with her intelligence and willingness to do almost anything for me, but this simply floored me. She is an awesome pack-mom!

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