Thursday, August 6, 2009

August 6th

Valkrys is nicely gaining weight back from her ordeal, is alert and getting around a lot better. It still amazes me that she is so healthy for her age, and I guess our vet was amazed too. If we can keep her on an easy diet, she should be around for a while longer. Though she is nearly blind and all deaf, she still loves her belly rubs and hugs. Due to her age though, I'm not sure how long her good health will last, but she deserves every bit of quality life that we can give her until then.

G'kar and Yukon have become buddies, surprisingly enough, and Demon and G'kar get along well. G'kar likes Freya, but still won't play with her. He only plays a little bit with Yukon. Samantha and G'kar still vie for Alpha dog, and constantly strut around each other and growl before being admonished, but sometimes the growls are more friendly than others. At times it seems Samantha and G'kar want to play but are too wrapped up in their leadership agenda they can't. Seems like politics even screws things up in the dog world.

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