Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 20th

Someone won the $243 million powerball and it wasn't me. Ah well, back to work, I guess. Still hoping to sell my house in NC, my ~2.7 acre sportsman's paradise of twelve years complete with beaver pond, deer, turkey, otters and the occasional coyote. I still love that place, but I like having a steady job too. Our house in KY has more floor space, but I swear there was 1.5 x the storage space in NC. Hopefully when we get the garage/barn/recroom built it will illeviate some of our storage issues, but that is a ways down the road. So I've swapped the paradise in NC for one here in KY. I do love it here, but there are some things that I want changed, like a well. We were spoiled by having one in NC. Here we are on city water, and water here is expensive even though there is plenty of it.

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