Monday, August 31, 2009

August 31st

Took the dogs out for a run yesterday morning. The temperature was 56 degrees, but for some reason, Yukon and Samantha seemed totally unmotivated. Yukon kept stopping to smell the roses (or weeds as we call them), and Samantha kept a slack tug for most of the trip out.

Freya and Demon on the otherhand were rearing to go! Freya kept running over Samantha's tug, so I had to slow the team down to keep her from getting hurt. This made Freya unhappy, and she kept whining to go faster, and jumping forward in her harness. I think next time out, I'll put her in front with Yukon and see how she does. She definitely has ample motivation, intelligence and pure heart. Of course this might be a bit hard on Demon and Samantha being slower, so I will have to be careful.

Samantha did get in the mood on the way back, and began pulling, but I can't help thinking that she either doesn't like the new x-back harness, was injured in an x-back harness, or wasn't sure she was supposed to pull in it/never had one on before. She certainly didn't have a problem with the draft harness, so something about the x-back has her off her stride.

Freya appears to be in pre-heat and has everyone on edge. She wants so bad to run and play with the boys, but we have to ensure she doesn't get pregnant at her age, and especially not from her father or uncle... It has only been four and a half months since her last heat, so we are hoping it is a false heat. Just can't be too careful though. Samantha is picking up the pheramones and is starting her odd behavior again (mounting poor Demon who is not too thrilled about it), and Demon has decided that since G'kar doesn't exactly smell male that he must be a bitch in disguise. Needless to say, Demon's amorous advances annoy G'kar to no end. Yukon seems aloof from all this, and quietly watches from the sidelines. More and more he has taken to laying down away from the other dogs. Guess all these hormones disturb his philosophizing.

Valkrys is convinced she can run with the sled dogs, and at 18 years, she runs along inside the fence trying to keep up. Then she dances around in circles when I bring the team in, as if to convince me she's ready for her turn. I humor her and pet her, and tell her she's a good girl. Somewhere along the line I think she forgets she wasn't the one in harness, and happily lays down and goes to sleep. Hope I'm as energetic at 126.

Freya has turned into a dynamo. I was amazed when I checked her paws and gave her a rub-down. She is incredibly muscular and seems to be one solid muscle from nose to tail. She's more fit than a fiddle, and probably the most athletic dog I've ever owned, and that is saying a LOT. She makes me so proud.

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