Monday, August 24, 2009

August 22nd

Nice cool weather! Took the dogs for a run in their new harnesses and gang line. The harnesses worked well, the gangline, not so much. It took a lot to keep them from getting tangled, and the leader section had far too much slack in it from the anchor of the tug, and Freya and Demon kept getting tangled in it. At 100yards I ended up stopping the team and tieing a knot in it to keep it from dragging. Samantha and Yukon didn't seem to like the new gangline much and didn't really pull. Demon and Freya were my stars Saturday, they both pulled their hearts out. I think this was a great day for Demon. He's never been a very motivated puller, but he and Freya worked like gangbusters together. They were all very happy to be out running though, and Yukon and Samantha did not want to turn around.

I need to find a circular route to take them to avoid turning around. The dogs seem to hate going back the same route and don't want to pull towards home. Leaves a lot of pedaling for me hehe. It was bad enough Saturday that I got out of the cart and pushed-ran half the way instead of pedaling (which is barely an assist) back. At 2.5 miles, I was a bit tired myself by the time we got half-way up the home hill. I unhooked the dogs, left the cart off the road and walked them the rest of the way to the house. Yukon, Samantha and Demon were tired, and Demon went wading in the pool, Freya went to back of the fence running back and forth trying to get the neighbors chickens that had come on to our property to eat bugs. The three adults just watched her from the porch. If they could be shaking their heads in disbelief, they would have. Just watching her makes me more tired.

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