Thursday, August 13, 2009

August 13th

So many days I wish I didn't have to work and could stay home with my puppies. Ah well, bills got to get paid somehow, and since Jim is partially disabled, that leaves me to provide for us.

Yukon was so playful this morning, begging me to stay home and play with him, bouncing around like a 2 month old pup, and coming to me with his hind quarters in the air, tail waving his happy anthem, and his body language yelling "CHASE ME! I KNOW YOU CAN'T CATCH ME!". It is so hard to say no to the fuzzy kids when they are being good and silly. Plus, it was a good crisp morning, less than 20% humidity and the temps were below 65. We could have taken a short run with the cart, but alas, work calls, and I must say adieu to my lovely silly fuzzy kids.

My husband, bless him, called me and told me he had fixed up the red mtn bike we picked up for $10 and it was ready to run with the dogs. :) I love that man! I will probably take out Freya first as she needs the exercise and we need her tired the most. hehe, It's fun raising a sibe puppy again! If she tires before me, I'll take Samantha out after that. Big IF though.
Freya and I did a 2 mile ride/run with the new bike. Though the noises of the bike scared her some, she was a happy puppy to run. When she got back, she laid down for about twenty minutes then was up and playing with Demon. Whew! Wish I had her energy!

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