Friday, August 21, 2009

August 21st G'kar's Midlife Crisis

G'kar has been our fuzzy kid for twelve years now. At six months we had him neutered to help calm his separation anxiety, and he has been a great dog. As a puppy, he learned to fetch and to pull. His favorite game is still fetch the squeaky ball. At nine, though, he had a cancerous lump on the left side of his jaw, and we had it removed, but our fear was that it would return. The vet thinks they caught it in time and he was able to get all of it out. In the three years since his surgery we haven't seen any growths on his left side, but more worrying lately has been a slow onset of arthritis. But this hasn't slowed down my old man, he still begs to go play fetch at least twice a day and nothing will do but his rainbow colored squeaky ball. He loves that toy to death, and would love it to death if we let him keep it too long. G'kar is notorious for removing the squeak in squeaky toy.

G'kar was raised with cats, and it is obvious by the way he plays with his paws that he identifies partially with his previous feline companions. He's very dextrous with his paws and has been known to fish things out of cracks and crevasses under the couch, behind the bench, etc. with them. Unlike Valkrys, though, G'kar is far too noisy and graceless to be a ninja. Freya on the other hand, is light on her feet, graceful, and femininely delicate enough to pull off the Valkrys ninja techniques. Most importantly, she is colored mostly black to hide well in the shadows and lurk around corners waiting for the perfect ninja opportunity to nab food and run. For this amazing talent, G'kar loves her and thinks to replace his lifemate Valkrys with something younger. Yes, our old neutered boy is going through mid-life crisis.

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