Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 4th

Freya was in a cuddle mood last night. She was in the dining room when all of a sudden, she whined pitifully. I called to her and she came and sat by me on the couch while I watched a movie, with her head on my knee. For such an energetic puppy to be so still and content with a bellyrub and a large grin made me wonder what tired her out?

She was being the essence of cuteness, cuddling close and nudging me when I paused in my petting her. Such moods are very rare for her. Normally she is wanting to play and won't sit still for more than two minutes. She was so content to lay by me, that she didn't mind when I pulled out the shedding tool and de-puppy furred her for a good ten minutes.

After an hour and a half, though, she was back to her puppy-gizer self, wanting to play. Valkrys spent the evening where she could see me, but her eyes were much more alert than she has been in days. She ate two chicken breasts, and it is time for me to get more chicken to feed her.

Spent some time this morning after feeding, preparing a puppy video which I will proabably upload sometime later today.

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