Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August 24th

We got the new dog door insert for our sliding door, but unfortunately it looks like the 'snug in' portion sits too tall for our door. Jim decided he could cut it down to size, but I'm pretty sure he cut the wrong side. Anyway, it still doesn't fit, but we were able to teach Samantha, G'kar and Valkrys how to use the door once we are able to fully install it.

Another problem is the width. The insert takes up a good portion of the door, and it is impossible for Jim and James to fit through the gap. I can barely fit through, but we do have another rear door off from the laundry room we can use. It will make things a bit inconvenient unless we can figure out a way to have it insert in to the stationary side of the door.

Samantha thought it was great! She could go through from the outside to the inside, get a treat, then go back outside and get a treat! Even after we had stopped the training session, she went through the door roughly six more times looking for treats and seemed mildly miffed when there were no more forthcoming and the door was taken down.

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