Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 18th

Demon, my fluffy fuzzy cuddly bear was so proud of himself. 3:30am he needed to go out, so I let them all out, and groggily followed old Valkrys to make sure she made it down the steps and back ok.

Next thing I know, Demon is happily trotting towards me with a white-ish gray mass in his mouth which he drops at my feet. "Here mom! I am teh great provider with my 1337 hunting skillz!"

I have to admit it was a pretty big possum. I thanked him, and promptly got a shovel. When I went to pick it up, G'kar was convinced it was still alive and a threat to me, and he attacked it... Thanks for killing the dead possum G'kar. So wizening up, and putting my body between the possum and my earstwhile protector, I scooped it up and heaved it over the fence. Poor Demon was insulted that I didn't want to eat his catch, but he was so stoked about being teh greatez hunterz, he did four laps around the perimeter of the fence at top speed, and could not be convinced to come back in for more night-night time.

At least Samantha and Yukon thought more sleep was good, and of course G'kar would not let me out of his sight with dangerous dead possums showing up. So the four of us went back to sleep.

After I got up in the morning, and as I was getting ready for work, I asked my son to go get the dead possum with the shovel and throw it in the garbage can, but when he went outside to find it, it had vanished. Some other neighborhood dog is probably rolling in it now, much to the owner's chagrin.

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