Monday, July 13, 2009

July 13th

Hot lazy humid weekend. Spent most of it indoors working on leather stuff for the pups and for my husband. The dogs are getting very playful, and I spent a lot of time playing with them, tug-o-war, chase me, paws, fetch with G'kar, and now Yukon and Freya are loving the fetch game. Samantha even got in to the tug game, and spent some time playing with the rope toys and knotted rags. (When we have a rag that we don't mind the dogs chewing on, we put a knot in it and give it to them knot first, that way they have learned that things with knots in them are ok to chew and things without knots are off-limits. I've used this system for almost twenty years and it works pretty well. The dogs get to chew or tear apart things that please them without damaging socks, shoes, or other things you don't want teethmarks in. For some reason, some dogs are not happy until they can rip something to pieces. Old rags seem to satisfy this craving without having to buy stuffed toys every month or so.)

Took the four pack out for a walk since it was too hot and humid to run them. I usually walk Demon and Freya since they both trust me and come to me when I call, and James walks Samantha and Yukon. But Yukon and Samantha were a bit much for James to handle since they were full of energy from not being run, so I took them and let James handle Demon and Freya. Samantha found something nasty to roll in and before I could stop her, she was smelling like a rose... (if your idea of rose is a carcass rotting in the sun that is....) At least I kept Yukon from doing the same, so we only had one dog to wash instead of two.

Made a new swivel neckline from a 1 3/4" 8 oz. strap by folding it in half and sewing it along the length, then running it through the clasp swivels and sewing the end back to the base. The other project is a tri-fold wallet for Jim. On it I've carved a winged lion which I've dyed white on a blue background, and stamped his initials on the back. My leather cement is apparently still in NC, so I'll probably have to sew it without cementing it first. Pics will come in a bit.

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