Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 1st

<- Wish I could sleep like that.

Foot/ankle still hurting, but not as bad as yesterday. One of the boys was howling at 4:40am, and as soon as I rolled over to look at the clock, Samantha had jumped up next to me on the bed for a belly rub, so I figured she wanted out as well.

For those of you who don't know, rolling out of bed with a 47lb. husky on the covers is a challenge, especially one that is desperately trying to get you to continue to rub her belly. Trying to convince her to move is not very successful, and shoving a conditioned athlete from a laying down position is bound to end up badly. Wriggling out from under the covers on to the pillow is tough for a 44 year old person, and probably looked pretty silly. Good thing there was no one there to watch...

Freya's right eye was shut this morning, so I tried to see if she had something in it or had injured herself. Another challenge presented itself in holding down an active wiggly puppy who does not want you to touch her face. Several iterations of grabbing and holding on to her made some really colorful language appear. Ten minutes later and almost sitting on her, I managed to pry her eyelid partially open. The eye looked reasonably ok as far as she let me look at it, which wasn't much, so she probably scratched it playing or had something stuck in it. Will keep a close watch on her and the eye for the next couple of days.
Freya's eye was fine by the time I got home, so nothing to keep worrying about. Tried to romp a little with the boys, but ended up making my wound bleed again. :( So spent some quiet time just petting them after putting in bactine and re-bandaging.

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