Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 7th

Demon is such a loveable goofball!

This morning he was again playing with his biscuit, and he knew I was watching him and hammed it up quite a bit. Exaggerating his pounce and pawing at the biscuit, he really made me wish I had picked up that digital video cam!

He has been much less skittish around Jim, and even comes to him now sometimes without Yukon being there. I can tell he is feeling better than he has in many months, as he is increasingly happy and content, and not rattled as easily as before. This morning he was happy and playful and kept bouncing playfully towards me, asking me to chase him. I gave in for a little while, even though I was late. I had received a bunch of alarm reports at 2:30am, and drove in to work to check on my equipment. Didn't get back to bed until 5am, so slept in.

Samantha was not happy when I went back to sleep, because I did not let her sleep on the bed with me. But, I have to draw the line somewhere, she has gotten rather pushy, and needs to be shown some of the boundaries she is not allowed to cross.

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