Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31st

Happy Birthday! Today is Jim's birthday.

May you go on to feed many more puppy eyed beggars. ;-)

When I returned home from work yesterday it looked like Valkrys had given up, but I'm apparently more stubborn than she is. I could not let her go so easily, and picked her up and stood her by the water dish. When she had drank her fill, Jim and I forced her to take her pills.

She is a notorious no-pill dog, so this is no easy feat. Poor girl was too weak to fight me though, so we were able to get both pills down. An hour later, she even ate two scrambled eggs and kept them down!

This morning she got up and went outside on her own! She even got down the porch stairs faster than we could get there to help her, and went potty. What a good girl! I carried her back inside after a plaintive look at the bottom of the stairs. She may pull through after all!

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