Monday, July 6, 2009

July 5th

The party Saturday night was a blast... literally. The fireworks were awesome, even though one blew up on the ground. There were some great stories passed around and I met a bunch of new folks that were pretty nice. Got trounced in "Corn Hole" (a game that crosses horseshoes with bean-toss), had some awesome beef brisket and assorted dishes, just all around good time.

Demon has been feeling much better, and playing with his biscuit before eating it now, no longer scarfing down hair and assorted other things that are not meant to be food. I think he is happy finally being full after eating. He certainly had a lot more energy Sunday, playing with Freya for a long time before getting tired out. He spent the rest of the day lieing at my feet while I nursed my sore ankle (from standing most of the day on my wounded foot) and watched Deadliest Catch marathon. I love that show, and snow crab has always been my favorite food.

Being a writer, I was intrigued as it hit me, no one would know the names of the boat captains if they never made that show. No one would really care beyond a pitying moment for the folks who give their lives for the 'modern day gold rush'. Their stories would have been unknown, yet since the show, these folks have become heroes. I began thinking of other folks who touch our daily lives, who risk all or very much for the things we have or covet. There are many heroes in our lives which we will never even know their names, and yet there is a distinct thought of how the fame has changed things.

I also began thinking of how interesting it would be to see a show about some of the top names in dogsledding and how they prepare for the races, what obstacles they face. I'm sure it would be every bit as interesting to me at least.

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