Thursday, July 23, 2009

<- Demon is such a cuddly bear

His fur is so soft, even in his summer coat. He has lost the red guard hairs and split brittle ends he had when I was feeding them the old dog food. The new food, Nutro, has done a lot for their coats and health, that, the biscuits and the dental suppliments have really done wonders for my team.

I've been searching the local area for a butcher that might have non-food grade meat to suppliment their diet in the fall and winter when we can train with them a lot more. Hopefully I'll be able to find one that I won't have to buy too much in bulk at a time, as I don't have a huge freezer yet. Been reading up on the various musher sites on feeding raw and/or supplimenting and there is a lot yet to know. Seeing the opportunities to learn and to work with the dogs makes me wish I was 20 years younger. I've always loved working with animals and dogs especially, and now I wish I had made a career of it back then. Ah well, I didn't have many choices then and not really much in the way of knowing what was available.

But I am terribly glad I've been able to pick up this team, and every day these wonderful dogs make me happy that I have the opportunity to work with them now. They are very loving, great personalities, and hard workers (though I'm sure it is more like fun to them than work).

I'm making plans on going to the WMA site close to us Saturday with my son, Freya and Yukon to see what sort of trails might be available there. Hopefully we will get in a pretty good hike as well, but not sure as there is rain on and off in the forecast. If it isn't too bad, I'll bring the camera along for some pics.

I almost feel official now, I ordered a full set of x-back harnesses and ganglines instead of the carting harnesses and makeshift rigs I have been using. Now that we've caught up all the vet visits, shots, heartworm, and paid off the truck, I'm hoping next month will allow us more leeway after bills to hopefully travel to some fun doggy events and whatnot. First thing to do is to get the dogs used to other dogs and people. Fortunately we have a Humane Society shelter close by that has a nice dog park by the shelter building. They've told me it is open to the public and that it would be a great idea to bring the dogs by to socialize them. So, maybe next weekend we can take a dog or two down there.

What I'm aiming for is some great dogs that not only can pull for fun, but are also great companions, well socialized and that I don't have to worry as much if they get loose. I want to be sure they won't get in to fights with other dogs, and I'm pretty sure they won't have any people problems (mostly because they are shy except Samantha), but do want them a bit more used to having other people around. The vet trip was ok with all but Demon. It was pretty difficult to get him to be still and allow strangers to touch him. Poor boy was shaking scared the whole time and kept trying to hide behind me and get out of the building.

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