Monday, July 27, 2009

July 27

<-Yukon and Freya at our grassy rest stop.

Thinking and analyzing logically this would have been a good place to have turned around and headed back. We could hear the thunderstorms in the distance and may have just reached the truck prior to being drenched. Ah well, this is what hindsight is all about.

In planning for our next adventure, I'm going to be sure to drive the length of the expected route on the road outside of the trails just to get an idea of the longest route in the event we lose the trail and end up on the road for navigation. I'll probably take Samantha and Demon just to make things fair.

This morning Freya was all full of piss and vinegar! She kept dancing, jumping and frolicking all over the place! I think she enjoyed the walk Saturday and was itching for more. I really do need to get that scooter to get her exercised as much as she wants to be! She played fetch with me for a good hour last night, and then wanted to play tussle with Demon. She is quite full of energy all the time and constantly on the go. Almost wish we had a racing kennel for her. She would enjoy that to no end. Sometime this week, we should get the new harnesses and lines, and hopefully it will be cool enough to run them this coming weekend.

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