Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14th

<-new neckline

<-Wallet cover

Yup spent a lot of time Saturday and sunday on those two items.

dogs were all playful this morning, Yukon could not get enough of his belly rubs and kept going between me and James and flopping down and rolling on his back. It was rather amusing for such a normally stoic dog. Yukon is usually the calm one that sits back and watches the others get petted, but he also loves his cuddles and belly rubs.

Took G'kar on the walk with Demon and Freya while James got Yukon and Samantha. He was so thrilled to be allowed to roam with the pack and never complained once at any of the other dogs for getting in his way. No growls, no roughs up, he was fantastic and had a great time with Demon and Freya, so we will probably take him with from now on. He was winded when we got back, but he was ecstatic! A few more long hikes with him and he'll be back in stride I think. We didn't run that far considering his age, so walked most of the way, which for G'kar was a good thing. I'm thinking of having him drafting a water cart when we go to events. This will make him feel useful and included and not put too much strain on his old bones.

Freya was so silly, she was yelping and whining when Samantha and Yukon got ahead. She just loves to run! She will surely be a wonderful sled dog when she is fully grown!

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