Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 22nd

<-I just love Samantha's smile.

She even gets dimples when she is especially pleased.

Sunday was a rest day for the dogs, and Monday heated back up high enough I was reluctant to run the dogs. Freya, however was not taking no for an answer and kept running to the harness rack and whining. We took all the dogs for a walk in the morning and in the evening, but still Freya wanted more. I really need to get that scooter to get rid of her excess energy! LOL. Playing fetch, tug-o-war, and chase me did not do it. She was driving the old dogs nuts trying to get them to run around the yard with her. The essence of youthful enthusiasm. James has dubbed Freya the Lithium Puppygizer.

I spent the time when not playing with or trying to tire out the puppy mowing the lawn. At the end of the day I was far more tired out than Freya. Never-the-less, she has gotten used to sleeping by 10pm, and like her old fuddy duddy mom, she was sound asleep by the time I went to bed... phew! All the dogs came in and slept in my room Sunday night, even Demon! It was a good breakthrough on his part, and he was actually happy to lay down and sleep by my bed, pushing an annoyed Samantha closer to the door and further away from me than she wanted to be. But she is a wonderful pack-mom, and when I asked her to fetch Freya earlier, she went out and shepherded the puppy in for the night at around 9:30pm. What a great dog Samantha is turning out to be! She looks out for all the pack, including Jim, James and me.

Jim got back yesterday evening from going to his brother's wedding and to our house in NC to pick up some stuff. Samantha was so excited to see him! She stuck to him like glue for over two hours.

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