Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blanket Nabber!

Sooo cute, but so full of mischief! Freya should have been a boy and named Loki! Last night, she snuck a nap on Valkrys' soft pillow bed. She loves it so much she wants to eat it! In between her love nibbles, she lays either all on it, or when Valkrys is there, only her head or half of her on it. When she followed me and the other dogs to my room she was somewhat disappointed that there was no Valkrys pillow in my room, so she made her own. I have a plush fuzzy blanket with wolves on it that I cover my bed with when it is cold. Freya decided it made a reasonable pillow substitute, pulled it part-way off the bed, and laid down on it.

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