Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 8th

Freya was full of herself this morning! Rompy, chewy, frolicky puppy!

She has also been working on her super-secret tunnel with which she hopes to earn her freedom to chase any squirrel she chooses. James' counter-intelligence unit has placed a stone in her way.

Frustrated our industrious siberian comrade has devised another plan to escape the chain link curtain. She was busy digging another tunnel to freedom on the other side of the gate. Unfortunately, she forgot that it is easily visible from her other attempt at freedom and will very soon be spotted by the Killjoy Guard Boy and her plans will be foiled again. Surely this oppression cannot last forever! Our heroine has decided to disarm the KGB by acting like an overly cute canine. Surely he would not suspect an innocent smile and a low howl! Just look at those puppy eyes!

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