Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 29th

The puppygizer strikes again!

Freya was so full of happy energy this morning, she whined when none of the dogs would play with her. So, I got out and played fetch with her for close to thirty minutes. She is such a good pup! She wasn't nearly tired enough though, but work calls and I had to go. Times like these I wish dogs were my only job.

James tells me that even Samantha was out playing with Yukon yesterday, bouncing and jumping around. This makes me happy as she was not very playful when we got her, and at a mere three years old she should still have a lot of puppy play in her. It makes me glad that they all appear to be adjusting well.

Samantha got out last night and apparently went for a swim in the creek. Not sure what she found down there, but she sure did not smell very good. She was good though and came back to Jim when he called her. I was very glad she went for the stream. There isn't much on that side of the house except about a hundred acres of vacant land that the owner uses for hunting, and it keeps her off the roads and out of trouble/away from any of the nearby farms. We found her escape hole and sunk in some rebar on the outside and put down some large rocks on the inside of the fence.

This weekend is housechores, but hopefully next weekend we can get out by the Natural Bridge or Cumberland Falls for a hike. We'll have to see how the chips fall and if the trails allow dogs.

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