Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 3rd

<- Happy Dogs!

Cloudy and cool! As soon as I grabbed the harnesses, the dogs were yelping with excitement and running back and forth to the gate! Took them down across the bridge and almost to the mini-train turn off before Yukon just had to sniff something off the road...

Samantha resisted at first, but whatever had attracted Yukon finally sucked her in and off the road they went! Around a tree twice, and Demon decided this was the perfect opportunity to shrug out of his harness and go for a stroll through the woods... Don't ask me how he managed to shrug out of it, he is an escape artist that would do Houdini proud. James finally caught up and I gave him Demon's harness and lead so he could look while I got Samantha, Yukon and Freya back to the house.

Herding the dogs back around was an adventure, but I managed to untangle Samantha and Yukon and finally get them pointed in the right direction and running back towards the house, which they did rather well, only stopping by the bridge for a sniff at something Samantha wanted to roll in. Finally Got them back to the house, and put safely in to the yard before grabbing my keys and taking the truck out to look for Demon. Jim grabbed Samantha and his car and came along to help look. I picked up James and we searched for a bit and then I drove him back to the house in case Demon came home.

Back out, Jim had already found Demon and he was trotting back along the road, happy as a pig in... well you know... At first he didn't want to come to me, skittish as ever, but with Samantha on the leash he would come close, but not close enough to catch. In frustration I acted as if I had a treat and lured him in close enough to grab his collar. Jim loaded Samantha back in his car, but as soon as he did, Demon jumped in behind her. Well, that was easy...

Got them all back home and checked their paws for wear. Samantha's looked a bit worn, but no raw or tenderness, the rest looked fine. Treats and rubdowns given out, then a good long drink of ice tea.

Got a party to go to later, and with tired pups it is unlikely James will have problems watching them. He shot off all our fireworks with the neighbor kids last night, so is invited to watch them fire off theirs tonight, so he will have fun and something to do too.

Yesterday we got Demon and Yukon to the vet, and good thing. Demon apparently had whipworms for some time before we got him, one of the reasons he was so underweight. Good news is that we had gotten him up to 48 pounds from about 25, and we got him a de-wormer, so he should fill out nicely once he's gotten rid of the worms. Both dogs got their shots up to date and Yukon got a clean bill of health. They were feeling a bit under the weather yesterday evening, but this morning were bright and playful in the cooler weather.

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