Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 15th

<-note the strategic position by the AC vent

Yukon has decided he is an indoor dog when I am home. He will only go outside when I go outside or leave for work. He hates that I put him out at night and refuses to leave the back door until I let him in. In other words, he sticks to me like glue. Not sure why he seems so 'clingy', but it might be related to his previous experience with losing his owner. Demon, his brother seems much more at ease in or out of the house, oddly enough, since Demon is more shy than Yukon

Yukon sings to me in the mornings, so happy to see me when I let Samantha, Freya, G'kar and Valkrys out. He runs in the door and immediately sarenades me until I cuddle and pet him. Which normally is not more than a couple seconds, as he is so irresistably cute when he sings. When I pet him, he rests his chin on my arm or shoulder and leans in to me, so absolutely trusting and loving. I told James that is the way he 'hugs' me. He would stand like that forever if I could pet him that long, and Demon would not try to get between us. Jealous fuzzy bear!

It doesn't take long for Demon to try to wiggle between my morning hugs with Yukon. He has gotten quite bold since he has been de-wormed and fed well. He will even let James approach him now, but only when I'm there for him to lean against. He has been mostly accepting of Jim, and will sometimes even come to him without the benefit of his brother's presence or mine. Yukon, conversely will come to either Jim or James even for just a pat on the head, but mostly for belly rubs or snacks.

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