Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 19th

Been in the fifties over the weekend mornings, so took the team for a two mile run. It was a rough start, Freya was so eager to get going, she kept jumping, which inevitably put her over the gang line several times, and Samantha and Yukon would turn around annoyed. But once we got that straightened out and Freya still long enough to start, man did they fly!

They did incredibly well! Yukon began to try to pee on a bush, but a quick "Leave it!" put him right back on the road to the tune of "Good Dogs!"

We were down to the junction before you know it, almost wish I had a speedometer. Turning around was a bit of an adventure, the team wanted to keep going down the road, but I knew it was too soon to take them any further. Once I got them straightened out, it was off again! I was so proud! I kept yelling "Good Dogs!" the whole way.

As I suspected, half way up the hill back home, I was assisting, as they began to lose a bit of steam. We were so fast, we passed James before he got around the corner by the bridge. One more time Yukon tried to sniff by the bridge but a quick "Leave it!" got him back on the trail without stopping! What a good boy!

I have to say it looks like my two girls are the work horses and the boys either don't pace themselves, or don't take the return trip nearly as seriously. Samantha and Freya were phenominal!

They all did so well! When we got back, Demon jumped in the kiddie pool while he drank and the others fanned out around him, lapping up the fresh water. As they drank I went around removing their harnesses, checking their paws, and giving each a good rub-down. Samantha seemed a bit stiff on the right hip, so I gave her an extra massage and kept an eye on her. When they all took a nap, I went and got them a special treat, a beef suppliment to go with their food. Since we had worked them a bit longer (stretching the training a little longer every other time), and they did so well I thought a bit of extra protein would help. We fed them a little early as I wanted time to ensure none of them had soft bowls from the suppliment as it had a small amount of broth in the packet with it.

The boys have become accustomed to being indoors now, so I had thought it would be nice to try to let them sleep indoors. Yukon was all for it and laid down to sleep by my bed, but Demon just would not settle. So, I ended up putting them out, ah well. Yukon seems happy to be in my room, sleeping by my feet even now as I write this. Demon, after trying unsuccessfully to do some trash diving has left the room and gone outside. Maybe someday he will be comfortable enough to sleep through the night indoors.

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