Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jun 1st

June 1st,

Started with the usual routine, up at 5am, sit with the dogs, but this time, I left the sliding door open to see what they would do while I made my breakfast and ate it. Yukon and Demon were intrigued and kept coming in to explore. Only once did Demon attempt to mark, something, but a quick "no!" as soon as he lifted his leg prevented that occurance. The boys were uncertain about being in the house. Having never been allowed indoors in their old place. Yukon was curious as ever, and was the explorer while Demon followed his lead, equally curious, but not nearly as brave. Freya came in and stayed by me for the most part, but while Yukon was exploring by G'Kar's food dish and the uncertainty of a scuffle kept em occupied, Freya decided that she could slip around back in the livingroom and watch her pee delightfully being absorbed by the carpet... :(

Work was hectic, so no time for the blog.

Got home and saw the boys were showing signs of heat distress, so put on my shorts, grabbed up the treats and hooked up the sprinkler. It wasn't easy luring them in to the water, but Freya, Demon, G'Kar and Valkrys were finally liberally doused, Yukon, not so much. Me, I was soaked, but in the heat, it felt good.

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