Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 17

<-Samantha and Jim (Early April photo)
Samantha played with me this morning. Not just paws, but dancing around, and regular doggie play! This is the first time I've seen her do it, and it makes me happy she is lightening up. However, she did get annoyed at Freya when she joined in the play and Samantha put her chin firmly on the puppy's back growling with her ruff up. I chastized her before Freya got annoyed, and Samantha gave me the sorry puppy eyes.
After breakfast she stayed indoors with me and followed me back to my room. Freya decided to stay outdoors this morning.
On the way to work, I came upon a loose bull about the same time the owner came by, so I helped try to get the bull back in the pasture he was supposed to be in, which made me barely scrape in on time at work. Fortunately half the guys I work with are ranchers and cattlemen, so they have no issue with taking time out to help a neighbor recover a lost cow.
It was 92 degrees, and the pups were inside when I got home. Yukon and Freya seem to enjoy the cool airconditioning, but Demon is still skittish indoors. He's getting better though. Samantha seems to be getting over her adjustment/insecurity and has begun playing with Yukon regularly, and though she and G'kar still growl at each other occasionally it doesn't seem as serious as it was before. They are just annoy growls instead of full throat threats. It has been too hot to run them the last couple of weeks, and looks to be a really hot Friday, but supposed to cool off on Saturday. We'll see.

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