Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June 3rd

<-Samantha, Demon and Yukon
5am, up with the dogs for a morning howllo session. Freya has such a deep voice, which is surprising because she is currently the smallest of them all, but she loves to howl and show off her deep voice. She also has a very deep growl which she only uses to warn off Samantha and Demon from her bone/biscuit. I've never heard her growl any other time, and she's been socialized to the point where though she watches with sad puppy eyes if I take her bone, she won't complain. Of course she gets it back, which I'm sure contributes to her faith and confidence that I have nothing but her best interests at heart.

Samantha I'm still working on. She will let me pet her while she eats, but still has issues letting me touch her food. The boys simply look hurt and walk off until I give them back their bone/biscuit.

A line of sad but hopeful faces looks out the gate at me every morning as I get in my truck to leave. Half the time I can't just drive away, and have to go pet them one more time before going. Every day I see them, I'm happy we were able to provide them a loving and caring home. They seem very happy to be with us as well. My husband commented last night as Samantha sighed contentedly at my feet that she loves me so much. I was oddly pleased, as I know she loves me, but to have it so obvious to one who isn't a dog person makes me realize how happy Samantha must be.

So, planning a trip to support a local animal shelter with my son, and two of our dogs.

The forecast is partly cloudy high around 80, so the list includes backpack with water and water dish, treats, and drinks for James and I. For this trip, we will probably take Samantha and Freya simply because Samantha is the outgoing love everyone dog and Freya so that she can get used to lots of other dogs and people. Hopefully she will learn some good manners from Samantha and none of her bad habits. Hopefully Samantha will behave and not jump on anyone to lick their face. Thank goodness she's not much of a butt sniffer...

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