Sunday, June 14, 2009

June 13th

Took Freya in for her full exam and shots. She weighed 47.1 pounds! Seven months! She's going to be a bigun like her father when she's finished growing. She was a very good puppy, not complaining once, but she was scared the whole time. I held her and the vet was very gentle and good with her. I like this vet. Having a bad experience with one in Maryland, I'm very careful and picky about who I let handle my dogs, but was well pleased with the way these folks handled Freya knowing she was very skittish.

Of course, having her shots, Freya was not feeling very well the rest of the day, so I sat with her for the majority of it, while I fixed the ropes. My hands and arms were cramped from re-working the ends, but I'm pretty sure these fixed ends will last for the lifetime of the rope.

I did a little bit of lawn mowing while my son sat with Freya, man it was hot and humid. I was soaked in sweat by the time I finished the front yard. Tired, hot and thirsty, I came in for a rest and to finish the ropes.

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