Saturday, June 20, 2009

June 20

Tornado touched down in Frankfort at 0530, and I got up and got the dogs inside just before the storm hit. Downdraft wreaked havoc and lightning was everywhere, but no damage on my land, thank goodness. Yukon kept finding things to chew on, and I kept taking them away and giving him more appropriate things to chew on. Yukon did not want to play with dog toys, he wanted to play with people toys and kept taking my map printout to the campus I was to take my son to later on. While I was retrieving my map from him for the third time, Demon snuck around behind me and managed to hijack one of my socks and rip the heel out of it... Ah well... I got the socks back and the map, and finally decided that the storm had passed long enough to let them back out before they got in to more trouble.

Spent 5 hours with my son looking at the campus, talking to some students and a ciriculum planner. Tuition is very high there, so not sure about that one.

Spent a couple hours playing with the dogs, petting and grooming them. I've combed enough husky hair to make a cashmere sweater. Their undercoat fur is so soft, it is a wonder it isn't a prized wool. Often I'm tempted to bag it all up and take it to a friend who makes their own yarn. Maybe next year? The thought of having a husky wool cap for the winter intrigues me. The good news is that both Demon and Yukon are in their much cooler summer coats now, and they both look much happier. They have both learned that air conditioning is the best thing since sliced meat, and both eagerly wait at the door to come in when the temps start to go up. Freya has decided she is now an indoor dog, and has come one hundred eighty degrees from the shy feral pup she was when we got her. She now cozies up to all of us, begging for pettins whenever possible. Jim is very happy that she even comes to him for petting. What a great bunch of dogs!

Though Samantha occasionally growls and puts her ruff up when they play near her now, there have been no further incidents since the tussle with Freya. All the fuzzy kids seem to have adjusted in to their new home.

Didn't make it home until close to 3am from work... very tired. Spent half an hour with the fuzzies to make sure they felt loved and that mommy had indeed returned. Then went to bed.

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