Monday, June 8, 2009

June 8th

The fab 4 (G'kar, Valkrys, Freya, and Samantha) spent the night in my room peacefully last night. There was only a short time where Samantha sounded like she was stuffed up, but there were no growls or any ruffs up. G'kar, Samantha and Freya greeted me with howllo's when I shut off the alarm and dressed at 5am. It's very peaceful in the morning, with the last sounds of night and the first sounds of the day changing shift. The boys greet me with wet tongues, and Freya takes her usual place at my left. Samantha joins in the dog spit bath, and it's all I can do to keep them from getting my glasses and making me blind. It is a game of sorts, I think, and secretly Samantha waits until I lower my face just so she can get that lick in on my lenses. The boys just keep licking regardless of whether I tilt my head away.

They are good dogs though, and I already love them a whole lot after only a couple of short months. Their training is a bit slow though, since the cart has been broken for the last two weeks, and with the heat of summer settling in. I am very leary of overheating them since it is pretty obvious Demon and Yukon are northern bred huskies with very thick fur. Samantha has a much thinner coat and could probably deal well with the heat, much like G'kar who is obviously a southern born husky and has never shown signs of heat distress, even in ninety degree plus weather in NC, but he stayed indoors most of his life anyway.

Demon has blown most of the top half of his winter coat, but Yukon has barely started. I know I'd feel quite miserable in 80 plus weather in a winter coat! I've combed enough hair out of Demon to make three adult size dogs. His undercoat fur is so soft and downy, I sometimes think of curing it and currying it to make husky wool. I've never felt so soft an undercoat as his. He is so cuddly and soft, yeah I'm talking about the dog named Demon... heh... I didn't give him the name, and I really don't like changing a dog's name in the middle of his life either. But anyway, mischief is his middle name, so it kind of fits in a round-about way. Out of the corner of my eye I see him sneak in to the dining room, locate a dryer sheet sticking part-way out of the folded laundry, snag it and run out the door. All the while I can just hear the theme song from "Mission Impossible" running through his head.

He shakes it and brandishes his prize in front of his buddy Freya who promptly tries to take it from him. A game of 'Chase Me' ensues that even crusty old G'kar gets caught up in and they race back and forth across the yard yipping and growling and jumping over each other. It is so good to see them all getting along!

Work calls, though, so I turn away from the fun antics and get myself ready for the workweek.

Home and the pups all eagerly paw at the fence that keep them from me, and I go over and say hello to them before going inside. Shedding my hat, computer, water bottle, coffee cup and pack, I go out the back door to pet them. Coming back inside, I change into some clothes I don't mind getting all hairy and dirty, and go back outside to sit with them a while, then take them for a walk down to the bridge, back around by the sycamore, then back to the bridge and back to the house. The dogs love these little jaunts as they are allowed to sniff and run around, dig and play, which they aren't allowed to do in harness.

When we got back, the dogs rested for a bit, then it was chasing squirrels and general playtime in the back yard. Demon and Freya get in a play wrestling match which, being lighter, Freya loses, but not for long. Demon lets her up after pinning her, she nips his ear then runs like hell. Demon gives chase and the game is afoot. Round and round they race between the three trees and the small patch of woods, luring Yukon and G'kar into the game. They were all having great fun until Samantha decides to put a stop to all this noise-making and fun stuff. When Yukon pins Freya, Samantha stands on her stiff legged and snarls at her and the boys. Freya is not happy, and is about to fight back when I yell at Samantha. Pouting she lets the puppy up and Freya's hackles are raised. I tell her No. With a sigh and pinned back ears, Freya runs up the porch to me, and I pet her, letting her know I'm not mad at her. Samantha gets a squirt of water in the face for being bad, and she pouts some more. I wait for a time before petting her to let her know she did a bad thing.

Samantha comes in after dinner to sit with us while watching tv, and I pet her. She sighs in contentment and lays at my feet as I rub her ears. After about an hour, she asks to go out with a whine and a step or two towards the door. I oblige and let her out, hoping she won't mess with Freya again.

Getting ready for bed, I open the door for Samantha to come in, but she refuses. Is she still mad about the water in the face? She seems to be acting oddly these last few days and I'm wondering if she is either pregnant or sick. I shrug and go get Freya, pick her up and bring her in the house. Samantha follows me in and we all head to my room for the night.

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