Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 16

<- The brothers, Yukon and Demon
Freya again this morning, insisted on coming back inside after doing her business and while I was back on the computer for a bit after feeding them and myself. I thought I had payed enough attention to her prior to booting up, but apparently Freya didn't think so, and started up with the low howl. She has a surprisingly deep voice.
All the dogs came in last night for a visit, just in time as another severe thunderstorm rolled through. Yukon is getting quite comfortable in the house, but I did have to stop him from marking my vacuum cleaner. Demon is fine if Jim and James aren't moving around near him, and Freya is beginning to think she owns the place. Yukon will now come in the door and flop down in the middle of the dining room and just watch everything.
When the storms came through, we lost internet and sattelite tv, so we decided to watch a movie. Yukon came in to the den with us and sat at my feet fascinated by the moving pictures on the wall. My philosopher. I wonder what he was thinking? He sat for a good twenty minutes just watching before he decided he wanted to lay in the dining room and left us to the movie.

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