Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 18

<- G'kar poses for a photo

Jim was up this morning, not feeling well, so he laid down in the dining room near the door to the porch. The boys came in past him, Demon seeming much less intimidated while Jim was lying down.
Freya was still eating her biscuit, so Demon went back out, laid down next to her then tried to roll over her to get her to leave him the biscuit. Freya would have none of that, kept growling at him. I could just hear her saying "Cut it out, Demon! It's not going to work so just stop it!" She kept grabbing the biscuit and turning her back to him as she growled. Goofball Demon still kept trying to roll over her, but kept getting stuck upside down, and rolling his head around trying to see where Freya was hiding the biscuit. He looked so silly! When Freya finally finished her biscuit, she jumped on him and nipped his face, and they began to play. Samantha thought that was cool, and tried to entice Yukon in to playing with her, but Yukon was busy getting his belly rubbed. G'kar kept nudging me on my right to get his petting, much less growling at the other dogs, more indignant snorts when Freya bit his nose playfully. Seeing that G'kar was not being any fun at all, she went back outside and played with Demon.

Went to the drug store after work to pick up Jim's perscriptions and they didn't have one of the three, but had the two he needed. Got my alergy meds, then drove down to the Kroger to pick up beer and dinner (we live in a dry county, so have to pick it up on the way home or make a special trip in to Lexington if I want any alcohol. While packing my stuff in the car, I hear a bunch of honks, look up in time to see a fender bender... So was delayed from going home about an hour and a half. The pups were mighty glad to see me though, and I spent time with them after changing out of my work clothes. Yukon Demon and Freya sat in the den with me watching a movie until just before bed-time when I let them out after Freya started sniffing around the door. When Freya and Samantha had done their business it was off to bed.

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