Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2nd

June 2nd,

Remember when I said Huskies had a VERY strong hunting instinct? Well today that proved again to be true. While I was at work, a hapless squirrel was spied on the ground by Samantha. She chased it up the tree, but jumped after it, scaring it to take a daring jump... that it missed... and fell to the ground by Yukon. Yukon promptly snatched it up, but the squirrel was not so easily vanquished, and clawed and bit Yukon, making him drop it. In the confusion, the squirrel got away, but Yukon had a scar to remember it by. A bit of antiseptic and a spray of the liquid bandage for dogs, and he was almost good as new. I really love that spray on bandage stuff... works for humans too.

With their rabies shots due this month, I have added incentive to get him to the vet for his boosters. That is top of the bill priority list for next payday. The fence and the new yard equipment have put a dent in the budget, but I've reserved enough for the dogs.

It was hot again, but I had asked my son to lure the dogs into the sprinkler in the afternoon, without much success. The fans had been on for them all day, but the boys like to lie down under the porch instead of on it under the fans. Samantha and Freya though, enjoyed the cool mechanical induced breeze. My husband and I spent some time discussing how to ease the heat stress from the dogs in the upcoming summer. Our best option so far has been trying to locate some doggy diapers to keep them from marking in the house while they could be inside and out of the heat. Eventually, I want to build them an insulated shed with a window AC unit, but that will be some time in the future when our funds recover from the move.

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